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West Desert District Covid Response

west desert district covid response

West Desert District and Covid

You have probably landed on this page because you found some trendy products through my Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram links. I have decided to suspend from selling these products temporarily until I can source local products. The majority of my products were being shipped from Chinese manufacturers. I believe China intentionally harmed the entire worldwide population by not doing more to contain Covid-19 and although my online sales have actually increased since the worldwide quarantine, I cannot in good conscience continue to support Chinese suppliers until the Chinese government stops their crimes against humanity.

The Chinese people have done nothing wrong and my heart goes out to the country who has been suppressed by a corrupt regime for too long. I know that by not supporting the Chinese economy it will ultimately hurt the poor people living under the oppression but they only way they will ever experience freedom and enlightenment is if the whole world shows that we will not stand for a communist, evil, corrupt government.

U.S. and China Trade Deal 

I also don't know that all of the products I advertised in my store come from unethical sources. However, the U.S. negotiated an unprecedented trade deal with China and for the first time in decades China has been forced to abide by a fair trade agreement. Until the Chinese government shows appropriate steps to accept the first phase of the trade agreement, I will not market their products. 

If you are an ethical manufacturer, I would truly appreciate if you would reach out and we can collaborate during these trying times. I love to showcase artists and artisans on my platform. I will also be working on my blog to talk about the stories of life in the West Desert. You can shop my current inventory of ethically sourced products HERE

Let's Find a Solution NOW

Also, if you do or don't agree with me, I would love to hear your opinion. The only way we can come together as society is to listen to each other to find solutions to one of the most difficult moments in our history. 

Thank you so much for understanding. 

Much love,

Anna @ West Desert District

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  • Mary Russell on

    Very noble, well written and very informative! I will look for products on your site knowing they are ethically produced. Thank you for this stance!

  • Kurt on

    I think your position is truly noble and patriotic! I will spread the word and hope others will see your position and support your effort.

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